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The Online Store Features You Get on Jejualan

Jejualan’s features are designed to facilitate you to sell online, and it’s all here:

• Website • Domain • Shopping cart • Product catalog • Payment gateway • Email accounts • Marketing tools • Reporting • Mobile-optimized store •

  • SMS Report

    SMS will be automatically sent to your phone and your customers’ phone for every transaction in your online store

  • 24 hour service

    Jejualan customer support is always here to help you

  • First page of Google

    Make your online store on the first page of Google search result with Jejeualan’s SEO technology. It’s so Google friendly

  • Marketing Tools

    Make your online store even more successful by using Jejualan’s marketing tool, such as free newsletter service, promo campaigns, discount coupon codes, and many more

  • Consultation with Ecommerce Experts

    Ecommerce experts will analyze and give feedback to make sure the sales strategy in your online store works well

  • Accept payment from anywhere

    You can accept payment through bank transfer, Paypal, Credit Card, BCA KlikPay, Mandiri KlikPay, BRI e-Pay, Alfamart, DOKU Wallet

  • Automatic Shipping Cost

    Shipping cost data will be automatically provided for your online store

  • Hundreds of eCommerece Features

    Sign up now and get hundreds of the most sophisticated onlines shop features. See more here


Create your online store in 20 minutes and you can sell your products immediately



    Support and consulation

    There’s no need to worry because Jejualan support team will help you create until it is ready to use


    Add and Manage Products

    Manage your online store by adding the latest products and input them completely based on the category


    Online Store Design

    You can customize your online store design as you wish, or you can select a theme many provided. FREE. Click here to see all themes



    Your online store can accept payment from either transfer bank, Paypal, Credit Card, BCA KlikPay, Mandiri KlikPay, BRI e-Pay, Alfamart, and DOKU Wallet



    Select the city you want to send your products to, and the shipping cost will be filled out automatically. You can also change the shipping cost as you wish



    Complete your online store’s address in the contact menu so that your customers can reach you easily

Jejualan provides cool and attractive designs

There are many options that you can select the theme for FREE. You can customize it to meet your store personality


    Customize the Theme

    You can customize the theme whenever you want


    Customizable design

    You can customize your online store design on your own or you can contact Jejulan support team to help you connect to a particular designer to change your online store’s design change your online store’s design

  • Customize the Logo

    You can also change the website logo according your taste. Interested in a FREE logo design from Jejualan? Go for Platinum then!


    Customize the Footer

    Jejualan allows you to change the footer of your online store based on your desired keywords. You can also replace the logo in the footer with your own online store logo


    Customize the Favicon

    Replace the favicon of your online store with yours. Click here for the guides


    Highlight the Product Category Page

    Add pictures or texts in every category page to beautify your online store display

Configure, categorize, and manage the products in your online store to ease your visitors in choosing the products



    Bulk Upload

    You can upload many products at once


    Sell anything

    You can sell anything. Make sure you have grouped your products based on the category for easy searching


    Display your Featured Products

    You can show your special products at the very front page of your online store


    Manage your Product Stocks

    Manage your online store’s product stocks more easily and quickly with additional attributes and product stock attribute features


    Create Options for Your Products

    Want to add color or size options for your product? You can do it here


    Manage the Products Image Size

    Jejualan lets you resize your product shots into different versions according to how you want your product page to look like


    Create Options for Product Price

    You can create many pricing options to show the product price in your online store


    No Order Just Catalog

    It’s okay if you only want to display the product catalog in your online store without selling them in the website


    Product Originality Claim

    Use watermarks to mark the product shots on your online store

With the easy and complete admin panel control, you will save your precious time to manage your online store every day



    Order Process

    Your online store dashboard admin allows you to view all order process information you have done


    Customers’ Account

    Your customers will find it easy to shop because their accounts are well saved in the member area


    Complete Customers’ Data

    You can see all of the customers’ data and order history


    Inventory Controll

    Control panel admin ensures that you can manage and check the product stocks


    Contact, Review, and Testimonial

    With the contact, review, and testimonial features, your customers will find it easy to reach you and give any feedbacks


    See Buyers’ Opinion about Your Products

    Find and directly respond to the product review from your customers, which is available in the control panel admin


    Multi Language

    In addition to Bahasa Indonesia, you can also manage your online store by adding other languages


    Manage Menu

    You can manage your own menu in your online store. It’s very easy


    Add Pages and News

    Add any page you want and complete your online store information with the latest news



    You can use the payment method either via transfer bank, Paypal, Credit Card, BCA KlikPay, Mandiri KlikPay, BRI e-Pay, Alfamart, and DOKU Wallet


    Automatic Shipping Cost

    No need to bother setting up the shipping cost because it is readily available by JNE and Pos Indonesia. The JNE postage update automatically to district. You can also add other delivery services

Manage your keywords and let your online store be there in the first page of search engine result



    Search Engine Optimization

    Optimize your online store based on the keywords you select :
    • Title and header tags
    • Meta descriptions and keywords
    • Custom page URLs
    • Image tags
    • SEO-optimized themes
    • Search engine friendly links

Use marketing tools to support the sales strategy in your online store



    Connected to Instagram

    Post your products on instagram and they will be directly connected to your online store


    Create Special Promo

    Make discount coupons and set the product promotion time automatically


    Free Shipping Cost

    You can create a free shipping cost promotion to increase your online store product sales



    You can regularly send a special promo to customers through customizable newsletters


    Email notification

    Buyers will receive an email notification automatically for each order in your online store


    Email with Online Store Domain

    Make your online store more professional by using email with your website domain name


    Integrated with Social Media

    Make sure your online store product updates are integrated with Twitter and Facebook to spread faster


    Share your Products in Social Media

    Promote your online store by sharing your latest products with either Facebook or Twitter

Make your online store more effective and let the visitors become your online store buyers



    Product Review

    Take advantage of your customers’ product review to build visitors’ trust


    Buyers’ Testimonial

    Contact your buyers to write a testimonial which can enhance visitors’ trust


    Online Customer Support

    Provide an optimal service to your customers by activating the online support feature in your online store



    Use the polling feature to know your customers’ wish and publish it through newsletters


    Simple Checkout Step

    With the simple checkout step, your customers will find it easy to purchase your products


    Mobile eCommerce

    Mobile preview allows your online store to be opened at any time through the mobile browser

Premium hosting is a guarantee from Jejualan to maintain your online store’s quality



    Periodic Upgrade and Maintenance

    Any new feature will be automatically added to your online store without you installing it


    Change Your Domain Name

    You can change your online store domain without having to deal with a long and complicated setting


    Shop Traffic

    Nothing to worry about that overload traffic since Jejualan has been designed to support all trading activities in your online store


    24x7x365 Monitoring

    Support and technical friends from Jejualan are always here to monitor your online store, non-stop



    Routine backup and maintenance are always done to provide data security in your online store

Learn and convert your data to increase the sales traffic of your online store



    Sales Stats

    Find out your online store performance through a graphic report in your control panel admin periodically


    Google Analytics

    Use the Google Analytics feature to see your customers’ activity in your online store

APPS and Integration



    Google Analytic Integration

    Enter your google analytics code in the control panel admin and monitor the visitor traffic in your online store


    Social Media Integration

    Promote your online store along with your latest products to Facebook and Twitter


    Payment Gateway Integration

    Your online store could use some alternative payment metode such as transfer bank, Paypal, Credit Card, BCA KlikPay, Mandiri KlikPay, BRI e-Pay, Alfamart, and DOKU Wallet


    SMS Integration

    With this feature your customers will always receive an email and SMS notification automatically everytime they make an order in your online store


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